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I went to work without cigarettes for the first time in 26 years thanks to DigiCig. My wife and children are totally delighted that I have finally become an ex smoker. Wish I'd known about Intellicig a long time ago. This is the easiest way I have ever found for quitting smoking!


I would just like to say I have been smoking 40 a day for over 15 years but not anymore. I had not heard of this type of product before but my God it has changed my life. This product is fantastic and I have told everyone about it, I no longer stink of smoke and after a week I feel a lot better in myself. My partner is over the moon for me and has noticed the difference in me already. Furthermore, I have noticed a difference in my pocket this week - no more £70 a week on the coffin nails, the Audi RS4 is no longer a dream, well I can dream can't I? Thanks guys.


I swear by your product, I have told loads and loads of people about it, I haven't smoked a cigarette since I had my 1st one so it's worth sticking to it


I have not smoked a cigarette since! at first I found it a bit difficult to get used to but finding it fine now and haven't had many urges for a cigarette whilst using it. A few friends have shown interest as well and are thinking of getting one to try.


Thanks for the prompt action on the Intellicig, it has prompted much consternation at home. I hope it leads to a great deal more success, and as a dedicated non smoker and now antismoker, I would be happy to be a Torchbearer for your new product.


Finally i have been given freedom of choice, i can sit with my friends at dinner, or just generally, i can work at my desk and not waste any time standing about outside to try and enjoy a cigarette. Not only is it a great feeling it also is the means to a different type of socializing because everybody wants to know what it is. i have not smoked for over a month now and i am totally convinced this is the option for me and many others, I love it!.


Having used an ecig sold by the largest supermarket who constantly never have refills I was forced to look for an alternative. I am really glad I did as the intellicig is a lot better and cheaper by refilling yourself. I have found the aftersales to be superb and would highly recommend to anyone.


I received an Intellicig EVO from Digicig LTD through the post 2 days ago through Digicig, and I have to say I'm very pleased with it, it makes going without cigarettes extremely easy.


"Now that's what I call customer service! Just to let you know I mentioned your devices on facebook and have had some decent interest already! I posted the website links for all to see. That is how happy I am with the units!"


ust a quick email to say I received my replacement chargers and batteries and I'm now back on track. Thanks for the speedy resolution of this issue. My friends have been really impressed with your product and you will likely be receiving orders from a CH, PS and OD soon!


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