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With seemingly thousands of e-cigarette models and hundreds of flavours, new sellers to this market are popping up every week. It can be confusing to know what to buy.

However, almost all hardware is produced in "e-cig alley", an area of Shenzhen in China and put into stylised boxes, with catchy names and designs to entice. Confidence over manufacturing standards can't be absolutely guaranteed, electronic components and liquids ingredients used can vary considerably.

The Team at Digicig comprises experts in all aspects of e-cigarettes and liquids, each with at least 5 years' experience, which, in terms of this new industry, places us amongst the most knowledgeable in this exciting and rapidly growing sector.

Our aim is to provide our customers with products featuring the latest technical developments, at the best possible prices, where your money is spent on reliability and performance, not image.

DigiCig only carries hardware and liquids which have passed our extensive testing programmes. This means, for hardware, we will buy samples in significant quantities to satisfy ourselves of a consistent build and reliability quality.

For liquids, we will only offer preparations which can provably show only the highest quality of ingredients, married to controlled environment manufacturing processes.

In short, we all firmly believe that users of e-cigarettes should be fully confident in what they are holding and what they are inhaling.

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